ChiaoGoo - ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Stainless Needle Set

Stainless steel interchangeable needle set with 5" needle tips

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Interchangeable needle sets creates a world of needle sizes and lengths sweetly organized into a single kit.  Swap needle tips with different length cable.  ChiaoGoo interchangeable needle tips lock to the cable with a twisting action that creates smooth, tight, snagless joins.  ChiaoGoo is Dartmouth Yarns favorite needle.

These TWIST sets include 5″ (13 cm), surgical-grade, stainless steel, lace tips and three cable lengths to make 24″ (60 cm), 32″ (80 cm) and 40″ (100 cm) circulars. TWIST red cables are memory free! They consist of a multi-strand, steel cable coated with red nylon. 

The complete set includes 13 needle tip pairs, from 2.75mm to 10.0mm and both small and large connector cables. The large sets include 6 needle tip pairs from 5.5-10.0mm, while the small set includes 7 needle tip pairs from 2.75-5.0mm.  The mini set includes 5 tip pairs in sock sizes, 1.75-2.5mm.  All sets include a tightening key; cable ends; cable connector to make an even longer cable, needle gauge, and a durable fabric needle case. The mini set includes a heart-shaped rubbery grip in place of the tightening key.

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